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It’s easy to see why Al Pitcher is fast becoming hot property on the comedy circuit. His warm, self-effacing style meant the audience were on his side immediately as he took us on a journey through various photographs he’d taken that day and throughout his travels. Some were themed like defaced public notices and idiotic signs or just generally funny pictures. However, his quirky take on life, superb ad-libs and brilliant interaction with the audience took the photo’s away from their origins and into a surreal and absurd world we all inhabit. Wonderfully clever, inventive and above all hilarious.
Pavilion Theatre, Brighton Dome 15th October
Lee Stevens
5 0ut of 5 PASTIES and a bonus cream tea , Nice Picture show review
As for you Al, turning up in any town, camera in hand, hoping to illustrate the foibles of the locals is a brave thing to do. Luckily, in this part of the world, we love laughing at our own eccentricity so fear not: it's resounding five out of five pasties. In fact, as I haven't laughed so much in a long time, we'll chuck in the cream tea bonus too.
Al Pitcher uses photographs and observations from Lincoln as part of his show (6:30pm, Sunday, Drill Hall)
Sverige Interview for November Shows
Swedish National Day Interview - In Svenska
Brons i supande [Read More...]
Funny things on the Way to The Waterhole

Al Pitcher & Eddie Ift cool off before th Aveda Walk for Water fund raiser through Melbourne's Botanical Gardens.

The walk is 6km in distance which is the average distance travelled by women in developing countries to get water. [Read More...]

Pitching For a Laugh

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Getting Laughs is a snap

COMEDY, like any popular culture medium, has an uncanny knack of telling society something fresh and interesting about itself. Take the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, where people pay good money to see comics from the other side of the globe say something witty and insightful about their own hometown.

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Picture Tour Of The World

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TimeOut Sydney 2010 Q&A

Time Out Sydney

What punchline have you longed to find a joke for but never quite managed? "So my shaving plug socket in my hotel bathrooms is screaming to me ‘use me use me, I only get electric shavers, give me some proper voltage'."
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TimeOut London Review -2009
"A truly uniqe and hilarious show" [Read More...]
Al's turning mundane insane - Herald Express 2009

AS he goes about his life Al Pitcher sees a lot of ordinary things — but he rarely sees them in an ordinary way.

Al's mind is a seething ball of snakes, constantly twisting, flipping, and distorting. Turning the mundane insane, nothing is ever humdrum in the head of this comedian. [Read More...]

A Kiwi with some snap judgements - Leicester Mercury

It might not sound like a great idea for guaranteed laughs – but he says his show – The Al Pitcher Picture Show – is a continually surprising source of comedy gold. [Read More...]
Al Pitcher brings his photo/comedy stylings to Leeds'

Leeds Student Newspaper Online

Kiwi comedian Al Pitcher talks about the show he’s bringing to Leeds, British audiences, and why he loves a good heckler.

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The Al Picture Show Review Brighton Dome 2009
The Argus

A natural and thoroughly likeable comedian,
even if Al Pitcher had forgotten his projector screen,
he still would have had the crowd eating out his hand.
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Birmingham Mail

Kiwi comic looks behind the mundane to find humour in Birmingham show [Read More...]
The Al Pitcher


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Q - What was the best show you have ever seen at the Edinburgh Festival?
A - Tommy Tiernan, last year, I had heard he was brilliant and he was, he's such an incredible story teller [Read More...]
Werewolves of London

Werewolves of London? No, the stylish goats of Redfern

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Beats Comedy Festival Guide 2009



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Q & A Timeout Sydney 2008


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Somedthing Funny is Going On

More text here

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TimeOut Sydney - 2009
The concept is high on originality, risk, effort – and hilarity. Each day, Pitcher starts his show from scratch. He picks a suburb at random and walks around it, taking pictures of anything that catches his eye. And then he uploads the best images into a slideshow on his laptop and weaves a bespoke show out of it.

Time Out Sydney

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An eye for Pitcher-perfect comedy - Live review Melbourne Comedy Festival 2009

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Live Review Drum Media April 2009

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In Bath - Interview with Al Pitcher
Comedians can sometimes be quite repetitive. Itchy doesn't want to sound like a spoilt little brat....Al Pitcher is not like that. His current show – the neatly titled Al Pitcher Picture Show – takes audience interaction to a new level; city interaction.
bath Comedy festival, Al Pitcher, Picture show
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METRO Comedy - Al Pitcher

"He's a wizz at making crafted material appear to fall out of his mouth on the spur of the moment and can change direction on a sixpence." [Read More...]
Al Pitcher - Phil Kay My Comedy Hero
Al Pitcher: 'Have you ever seen a comedian try to capture lightning in a bottle? [Read More...]
Critics Choice - TimeOut Sydney - 2009

"He's a creative Whirlwind of joy and fun" [Read More...]
Aldershot News - Al Pitcher - A man with a camera

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Comedy of Errors
Al Pitcher’s show Idiot Wind is based around a rather unfortunate incident involving a woman, an aeroplane and some flatulence. Here, he gives us his top five social faux pas

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Edinburgh Festival Guide 2007
He’s been called unpredictable and divided audiences with his ad hoc ways [Read More...]
Chortle Review - Edinburgh Fringe 2007
Ever said the wrong thing at the wrong time? Is your middle name faux pas? Does your foot reside in your mouth? You’re not alone… A favourite on the UK circuit with his energetic and freewheeling style, Al Pitcher’s bloody chuffed to return with his new show, Idiot Wind [Read More...]
Timeout London Interview
Modern art, modern toss? Comedian Al Pitcher makes an exhibition of himself

Time Out - London - Logo

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The Bullingdon Comedy Club
Much of his set was derived from seemingly real-life comic occurances [Read More...]