” Det är 90 minuter träffande, finurlig och varm humor som inte en enda gång under kvällen slutar vara rolig”

”Framförd av en underbar tajming mixad med en närmast Rowan Atkinsonsk plastik, det är svårt att göra något annat än att känna diafragman hoppa av allt fniss till vrålgarv”

”otroligt skicklig i sitt skojeri”


”skratten rullar som orkanvågor”

”Folk jublar”

Helsingborg Dagblad/Sydsvenskan

”Interaktionsmästare Al Pitcher”

” skissat på till perfektion”

Gävle Dagblad

”Inte många enmansshower kan fylla ett konserthus två gånger på samma dag”



So… The My Happy Place tour is over. I want to say tack tack så mycket x 1000 to all of you who bought tickets and came to watch the show, Comedy only happens because of you 🙌🏻❤️ and What a few years.
I came up with the idea for the show in 2018 😳 It went onsale in December 2019 and yeah then the shit hit the fan for a few years. (huge kram to the healthcare workers) But now after 96 shows all over Sverige and the world, its complete. All the people who helped make the entire tour a sell out know how much I love them and how I am so grateful that I get to work with them…. and also My family who were surprisingly delighted that I went out on tour. The show changed so much, it just became something that I wanted audiences to come and Laugh until they cried. Now a few weeks off and I will begin to write the next one….., we have filmed the this show so you will see that as well.
But till then from the bottom of my heart for making it My Happy Place …Thank you and tack for reading to the end ❤️




Al Pitcher was born in England but grew up in New Zealand.
He came to Sweden 2010 and got married and have two kids.

He fell in love with Sweden.

He started his standup career in London in 1999. The same year he went to the final in the ”So you think you’re Funny” comedy competition and later in both the ”BBC New Act Competition” and ”Daily Telegraph Open Mic Competition”.

Since then, he has performed at comedy festivals all around the world and has won several awards including Best Show 2009 at Leicester Comedy Festival (UK) , Director’s Pick 2009 at the Newcastle Comedy Festival ( UK ) and the Peoples Choice Award 2009 at the Sydney Comedy festival in, Australia.
He has performed twice at the illustrious invite only Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal , doing his own 1 hour show along with Eddie Izzard and Billy Connolly and others.

2022- 2023 Al was on tour with his latest show: My happy place.

Previous Specials:

”Fy fan Sverige” year 2017

”Sverige Syndrome”  year 2019


Read more

In 2010, Al Pitcher moved to Sweden and has quickly made a name for himself in the Swedish standup scene. In 2011 he won ”Best male comedian” at Svenska Standup galan and the following year he went out to do the celebrated and sold out ”Fika tour”, which was quickly followed by another successful tour the ” Påtår” tour in 2013 and ”Nääämen it’s Al Pitcher tour throughout 2014/2015.
Al Pitcher has also released the humor book “ Buried Elephants” (2012), He had a standing feature in the ”Settman Pa Plats ” TV programme and made ”Al Pitcher’s Guide to Sweden” in SVT’s talk show ”Robins”.

His SVT Special: Fy Fan Sweden was shown on SVT in January 2016. It has had over 1 million views during that year.

In Autumn 2017 Al premiered with the standup tour show ”Sweden Syndrome”. He took it all over his new homeland Sweden as well as abroad to London, Copenhagen and Amsterdam – performing the show for full houses!
The show has given Al some of his best reviews of his career and it has been a complete sell out. The tour continued throughout 2018 and ended in december.

2019: SVT 1 broadcasted the show: ”Sverige Syndrome” june 6, on Swedens National Day. Same day Al became a swede and got his Swedish citizenship!

You can now watch Als first Special ”Fyfan Sverige!” and second one “Sverige Syndrome on NETFLIX!

2022: Al is out on tour with his new stand up show: ”My happy place”. 

Kind words

Thanks Al for a great energizer to start up our virtual conference.
Many laughs from our multi-cultural participant base.
Highly appreciated with a social event in socially limited times.
/Kenneth Schoultz, Nordea, 22/10-2020

Ingen är som Al Pitcher, folk bokstavligen vek sig av skratt!
/AnnaMaria Carnemark, Marknadsdirektör Reitan Convenience,
8/9 -2020

That was awesome! Thanks a lot! Our Slack chat is blowing up – People loved it! We could not have had a better digital summer party!Thanks and have a great summer you too!
/Quickspin, 23/6-2020

Really good show Al!You are by far the best comedian in Sweden.Happy holiday!
/ATG 17/6-2020

Thank you Al it was great everyone was really happy!
/Helena HäggströmIBM Services

Thank you Al! Really funny, 😊
/Maria Lindstedt, Tele2

Hi Al, wow what a session!I think many of us was blown away how good stand up works as a virtual event.
/Jenny Pihl, Truesec, 19/5-2020

Hi Al,I just wanted to thank you so much!!! You honestly made the event, would not have been the same without you! My team and I are eternally grateful for having you join and wanting to be apart of it. We have received so much positive feedback already and I think you will have even more fans now from around the world!It was a pleasure working with you and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!
/Cassie Wulff, Virtual Charity Event, 12/5-2020

Vill bara säga att vi är SÅÅÅ nöjda med Als insats på vår sommarfest idag! Det var VÄLDIGT uppskattat av våra medarbetare, och det var så himla roligt att han gjort lite research på vår hemsida innan och skämtade om det (plus det jag skrev i infon till dig), det kändes verkligen som att han körde detta speciellt för oss 😊 Väldigt imponerande att han kunde köra 20 minuter helt utan att se reaktionerna från publiken osv., väldigt proffsigt!
/Kristian Randel, OranGo, 5/6- 2020
– Dagens Nyheter, 2018

– Borås Tidning, 2018

“Al Pitcher is London’s loss and Stockholm’s gain”
– Time out London, 2015

”Fy faaan vad stabilt, Al Pitcher”
– Jönköpingsposten, 2015

”Det går bra för Al Pitcher just nu!”
– Södermanlands Nyheter, 2015

”Mycket humor i utrymmet mellan svensk reservation och nyzeeländsk energi”
– Södermanlands Nyheter, 2015


Fotograf: John Guthed 

Anna Gauffin

Contact AL:


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